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Eclipse Foam Roller


The most innovative foam roller ever made! 

  • The first and only foam roller that also functions as a trigger point release tool
  • The only roller that contours to the angles of the body so you can get into every single nook and cranny. 
  • 5 pressure strips allow you to target 5 different muscles at the same time. 
  • This means that you can effectively roll your entire body 5x faster than a traditional roller that has only 1 contact point.  
  • This is the only roller made with the option to advance levels. 
  • The round end caps are for beginners who need to ease into rolling. 
  • Then you can advance to the next level by spreading tissue over all 5 pressure strips. 
  • When you want to really target a specific area deeply then you can direct all pressure onto just one pressure strip. 
  • Foam Roller is made firm to be effective
  • Made of the highest quality materials that will last years and not break down
  • Made in Taiwan, made of tough molded EVA foam and plastic inner core


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