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4 inch wide Thick Floss – Single


THIN ORANGE FLOSS =   7ft long  x 2 inch wide x 1.0 mm thick   =  150% stretch best for smaller areas like: forearms, wrists, ankles, calves 

THICK BLUE FLOSS =   7ft long x 2 inch wide x 1.5 mm thick   =  150% stretch best for larger areas like: upper arms, shoulders, quads, or large calves

WIDE BLACK FLOSS =  7ft long x 4 inch wide x 1.5 mm thick   =  150% stretch best for covering more area at one time or for larger body parts

  1. Includes 1 Wide Black Floss Band
  2. Made of Latex Rubber
  3. High Quality and Durable
  4. For compression therapy techniques
  5. Wrap around arms + legs 
  6. Flossing techniques May improve blood flow + lymphatic drainage
  7. Flossing may relieve stiffness + improve mobility
  8. ***Read Contraindications before using this product


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