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Baby Boomstick


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*Continental U.S. Only

    1. Weighs 6lbs 4oz  x  8 inch long  x 2 inch wide
    2. Solid steel and zinc plated to a smooth and durable finish
    3. IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) tool
    4. Contoured ends for deep tissue release work
    5. Knurled center of the boomstick allows for a shearing effect on the skin and providing a strong grip to the user.
    6. Made of American steel.
    7. Developed by Donnie Thompson + Chris Ruffin
    8. Ships directly from Kabuki Strength

BABY BOOMSTICK = 6lbs 4oz. x  8 inch long  x 2 inch wide

BOOMSTICK = 19lbs  x  24 inch long  x 2 inch wide


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