using the acumobility ball to improve shoulder trigger points to fix shoulder pain and shoulder mobility

Fix your Turkish Getup and Overhead Positioning with Mike Perry

How to fix your Turkish Getup and overhead position with Active Mobilization and Fascial tensioning

The Turkish Getup is an incredible exercise, but for many people they struggle with proper shoulder mobility and stability during the Getup that prevents them from properly executing the movement and may also put them in a vulnerable position that can lead to injury.

In this video series Brad Cox (Co-CEO/Founder of Acumobility) and Mike Perry (Owner of Skill of Strength and Senior Strongfirst Kettlebell Instructor and FMS instructor) teach a series of unique Active Mobilization and Fascial Tensioning drills to re-pattern underlying mobility and stability problems that are getting in the way of the Turkish Getup and overhead position.

In this first video we demonstrate a prep drill we call ‘The Hug of Death into the Archer.” This is an incredible sequence that helps to improve thoracic and shoulder mobility while at the same time encouraging proper shoulder packing and stability. In this sequence we use the Acumobility ball for both trigger point release and fascial tensioning. This will be a ‘Go To’ prep drill prior to TGU and overhead activities and has incredible carryover neurologically for prepping the body for load.

Turkish Getup Active Mobility prep drill from Brad Cox on Vimeo.

This sequence alone is a great prep drill for the Turkish getup and single arm overhead lifts, but it you want to really work to improve your overhead reflexive motor control and stability then this next series is a must.

In this second video Mike Perry demonstrates a unique Kettlebell Arm bar sequence he developed that uses load to improve shoulder packing and motor control. This is an awesome example of what we are referring to when we say that ‘load is the fix’ and is a great way to Unify the mobility changes that we made in the Hug of Death- Archer sequence.

Kettlebell Arm Bar progression from Brad Cox on Vimeo.

Our philosophy for properly re-patterning mobility follows our Assess/ Correct /Unify Approach, hence the ACU in Acumobility.

Step 1 Assess: Identify the underlying mobility and stability problems that might be interfering with a specific movement pattern. From there we develop a strategy specifically designed to improve and prepare the body for that particular movement.

Step 2: Correct: Address underlying mobility and tissue restrictions using our unique approach that we call Active mobilization. This approach combines both mobility and stability in the same corrective to improve tissue quality, range of motion and prepare the body for load. After these drills you should see some improvement in positioning and reflexive stability.

Step 3: Unify

This is a biggie and where all of the changes that we achieved in Step 2 really get cemented into the body. This step is also the most critical step in getting long term carryover from your mobility work. The entire idea is that once you have improved position and motor control, then the load bearing exercise itself becomes the fix. In this way your deadlift, squat or running drill become the thing that makes all of the previous work stick and your body’s adaptive response to load helps to solidify the mobility and pattern changes.

In the last video we walk you through a series of active mobilization drills to help improve thoracic and shoulder mobility.

Turkish Getup Trigger point work from Brad Cox on Vimeo.

If you found that after going through either the Hug of Death into the Archer sequence or Mike’s Kettlebell Arm bar sequence that you still had limitations in overhead mobility then this is where these drills come in. These are some of our quinticential active mobility drills incorporating the Acumobility Ball and Eclipse Roller to improve tissue quality and position. Work your way through these three exercises and then try the first two video progressions again.

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-Brad Cox (CO-CEO/Founder of Acumobility)